Jun 20 2009

Wetbar Project #32

A wine bar like this offers an elegant charm to any evening’s entertaining. The owner hear had a vision of using glass block in his wine bar. Together we blended ideas, combining elements of Oak cabinetry, wine racks, smoked mirrors and an Oak railing that entices a thirsty soul to comfortably lean against it.


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Jun 4 2009

Wetbar #78

Imagine serving friends and sharing friendship at this lovely bar.  Rich cherry cabinetry and high definition laminate top (looking so much like granite) encourage an evening of good times.

Classic Wine Bar

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Feb 19 2009

Wine Bar and Cellar #54

You don’t have to have a large space to enjoy a wet bar. Here the space is about 6‘ x 8‘ but you’re drawn into a lean on the bar, and a shared moment with friends.


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Feb 8 2009

Wine Racks in the Wall


Making wine requires a lot of storage space but no one says it can’t be beautiful as well.


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